The French are turning more and more to self-defence

Martial arts classes, buying tear gas bombs…The self-defense market is booming.

Confronted with insecurity and the explosion of delinquency, as evidenced by the many events that occurred this summer, some citizens decided to take action. The direct consequence: the self-defence market has more and more customers.

In Paris, for example, self-defence courses and training equipment such as second-hand punching bags are a great success: “We have more and more people, and in the last 3-4 years our number has quadrupled,” says Cyril Marchand, President of Paris Énergies Karaté. His martial arts club, located in the 5th arrondissement, offers self-defense and krav-maga (a self-defense method of Jewish and Israeli origin) classes.

In two hours, we can have a base to defend ourselves.

Many women come because they have already been assaulted, and all those who come say ‘stop, that’s enough’,” sums up Cyril Marchand. For women, specifically, the club offers courses on specific themes, for example, to learn how to

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