Ju-jitsu, a real school of life

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Here is a sport that allows you to surpass yourself, to learn self-control, to defend yourself, but also to practice respect for others and courage.You don't have to become the cador of the dojo, but follow ju-jitsu class develops both body and mind.

What is ju-jitsu?

We end this year by filling up with energy thanks to this very complete martial art.Ju-jitsu is the ancestor of several disciplines: judo, aikido and karate.Focused on self-defense, it participates in strengthening of body and mind.A very nice mix of technique, physical condition and mind, but above all respect.A true philosophy of life.

How to practice it?

I went to test this discipline at the Zen Do Ryu martial arts club in Morges.The place is just magnificent and the instructors are very welcoming, patient and caring.We feel perfectly at ease there, especially for a person like me who started ju-jitsu.This martial art is practiced on a tatami, in kimono and barefoot.We salute at the entrance and exit of the dojo to show respect and courtesy towards this place considered sacred.Dojo in fact means "place to find the way".

Who can do it?

Everyone.It is a discipline accessible to all.Ju-jitsu is much more than a martial art where we work on self-defense and muscle building, it embodies real values such as courage, respect , modesty and self-control.It's a school of life.

The ideal outfit

Posted Date: 2020-12-28

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